Proofreading Service

As a professional proofreader, it is my responsibility to:

  • identify and correct spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors;
  • check consistency of spelling, capitalisation and hyphenation;
  • ensure consistency in format - headings, paragraphing, spacing, etc.;
  • remove misleading word breaks;
  • ensure all pages, tables, graphs, etc. are present and correctly numbered.

I closely follow my client's brief and am always respectful of the author's style.


The types of document I am able to proofread include:

  • fiction;
  • non-fiction;
  • academic and professional text;
  • brochures and marketing material;
  • annual reports;
  • articles and newsletters;
  • website content.

I am able to proofread 'against copy' or 'blind', on screen or on paper and am trained in the use of the British Standard BS:5261C proofreading symbols.


Rates are negotiable and dependent upon the length of the document (typically number of words), the extent of the work required and the timescales involved. As a guide, rates are typically in the region of £8.00 per thousand words, and in line with the CIEP suggested minimum rates.


To discuss your requirements, please get in touch:

Phone: 07971 685481



Michelle Bullock

Contact me:

Phone: 07971 685481




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